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Neck Fan

Neck Fan

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1. Design and Construction:
   - Type: Wearable neck fan with hands-free operation.
   - Material: Lightweight and durable ABS plastic or similar material.
   - Color Options: Offer at least 3 color variants (e.g., black, white, and blue).
   - Adjustability: Flexible arms or adjustable neckband for comfort and fit.

2. Fan Functionality:
   - Wind Type: Natural Wind.
   - Airflow Settings: Three-speed settings (low, medium, high).
   - Noise Level: Quiet operation suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
   - Rotation Way: Fixed position without rotation.

3. Power and Charging:
   - Power Source: Rechargeable battery (5V, 5W).
   - Charging Interface: Micro-USB for convenient charging.
   - Battery Life: Provides over 8 hours of operation on a single charge.

4. Additional Features:
   - Cooling Type: Cooling only, bladeless fan design.
   - Features: Wireless, portable, USB rechargeable.
   - Safety Features: No water-shortage power-off protection; includes overcharge protection.
   - Other Features: Suitable for neck cooling, mini size for portability.

5. Dimensions and Weight:
   - Size: Compact and lightweight design (portable mini fan).
   - Weight: Under 200 grams for comfortable wearing.

6. Packaging and Accessories:
   - Package Contents: Includes USB charging cable and user manual.
   - Brand: Xiaomi (Mainland China origin).

7. Warranty and Support:
   - Warranty: 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects.
   - Customer Support: Provide clear instructions for customer service.

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